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We are looking forward to celebrating another RNAO Queen's Park on the Road event. Thank you for volunteering to speak out for nursing and speaking out for health with your provincial representitive.To be placed on a list to meet with your MPP, please provide us with your contact information by completing the form below. Home Office is working with the Board of Directors, Chapter Presidents and Assembly representatives, Interest Group Chairs and the Policy and Political Action ENOs for Chapters and Interest Groups to find volunteers to meet with elected representatives. Should your MPP agree to participate in QPOR, we will contact you at our earliest convenience to advise you of the meeting date, time and place. See the gallery of photos from Fall 2017 QPOR meetings.

Please Indicate your availability to meet with an MPP (preferred days and times i.e Fridays or Oct 8-12; Nov 5- 9).
If you are a PPE member please select "PPE Member" from the list
I understand that RNAO is not under any obligation to contact me to attend any MPP meeting(s). RNAO will endeavour to inform me as soon as a meeting becomes available, however due to the scheduling nature of meeting requests may be at short notice. I would like to make myself available should there be a need for RNAO members to visit MPPs.