Join RNAO for Virtual Queen's Park on the Road

Queen's Park on the Road (QPOR) is an exciting annual event that enables RNAO members to meet their members of provincial parliament (MPP) to discuss key nursing, health and health-care delivery issues. As a signature RNAO event, QPOR is a fantastic opportunity for members to engage their elected representatives and bring their experiences and expertise to the table in an effort to influence healthy public policy changes.  

This year has been unlike any other. RNAO has been at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning and has developed policies and recommendations to ensure the health and safety for all. It has been said many times, in many places, and in many ways that COVID-19 has had a profoundly inequitable impact on Ontarians. It is clear that COVID-19 has preyed on the most vulnerable, and in doing so, has exposed our collective failure to build a country that provides health, safety and security to all. That's why this year, RNAO and its members, via virtual platform, will be pushing hard again on two issues: long-term care and opioid overdoses. Although both issues were critical before the pandemic, COVID-19 has exposed terrible gaps in care for Ontario’s nursing home residents and Ontarians with substance use issues. Under the pandemic, these gaps come at the cost of lives – thousands of lives.

RNAO's passionate and knowledgeable nurse advocates will urge their MPP to address these issues. To get started and learn how to connect with your local MPP, prepare for meetings and read our priority issues fact sheets and political action bulletins, please see the "Resource" section or click here.


MPP Meeting Map

Browse the map below to see confirmed meetings with MPPs across Ontario!